3 Tips To Improve The Candidate Experience

How do you lose top talent in the recruiting process? Give them a lackluster experience while recruiting them to come work for you. The recruiting experience for a candidate is his or her first impression of your organization. If it is an unpleasant or poor experience, odds are they are going to move on and look elsewhere for the next step in their career.

Here are three steps you can take today to improve your candidate experience:

Make Information Job Seekers Need Easy To Find

Candidates will need information to assess if the opportunity is right for him or her. Salary expectations, role responsibilities, and benefits are three key areas candidates seek information on. This information can normally be found with the job description, on your organization’s career page, or provided upfront in a screening call.

Candidates are also seeking out additional information on your organization, which may be harder to find. According to a 2018 study by Talent Board, candidates are looking for your organization’s values, culture, employee testimonials, and why people want to work for you. Make sure these four areas are listed or addressed at minimum on your website. Candidates are likely to search for your organization on LinkedIn and Glassdoor, so be sure your organization’s profile is current and updated with key information for job seekers.

Avoid Complicating The Application Process

Candidates are looking for job opportunities from a variety of sources. These could be Google, LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or a number of job listing websites. More candidates are increasingly searching for jobs on their mobile device. And, they could looking for a new job at their current job.

All of this culminates into having a convenient and hassle-free application process. Avoid pitfalls such as having a job seeker upload his or her resume while asking later to manually upload the same information. We recommend going through your application process yourself and noting areas which are frustrating, redundant, or time consuming. Go through the application process both from a desktop and mobile device to understand any differences between the two.

Make It Personal

Behind every resume is a real person. Every communication you have with a candidate leaves an impression. This includes not only your interactions with the candidate but everyone’s interactions from your organization. Make sure anyone who interviews your candidates are prepared to put your organization’s best foot forward. Do not forget about this throughout the recruiting experience.

Part of your recruiting experience may include automated emails. For example, ATS platforms often send out confirmation emails. Be sure these touchpoints are personalized whenever possible. Consider including links in these emails to information job seekers are looking for in the first step from above.

The candidate experience is critical to attracting top talent. Be sure your experience is focused on the candidate and makes your organization shine. Recruiting the best talent can transform your business, and it starts with the recruiting process.