5 Tips To Get You Noticed By Recruiters

5 Tips To Get You Noticed By Recruiters

Getting noticed by recruiters and looking for a job can be stressful, especially during this pandemic. Use these five tips to stand out and grab recruiters’ attention.

Create A Stellar LinkedIn Profile

The first impression you may have on a recruiter may be your LinkedIn profile. All areas in your profile should be updated to sell yourself to recruiters. Be sure your profile has a summary, jobs, skills, languages, education and a professional photo of yourself. If you do not have any recommendations on your profile, reach out to former colleagues and ask if he or she will leave one. This is also a great way to network with former colleagues while you job search! After your profile looks stellar, turn on the LinkedIn alert to let recruiters know you are “open for new opportunities.” These steps will help you become more searchable, and you will have a higher probability to receive a message with an opportunity that matches your skill set.

Be Bold & Reach Out To Recruiters Directly

After your LinkedIn profile looks great, make a list of essential businesses who are still operating during this pandemic and you would like to work for. Search the jobs available on the company’s website and ensure you meet the requirements. After you have your list of companies and jobs desired, search for those businesses on LinkedIn and find their recruiters. Send the recruiters from each company you are interested in a concise and persuasive message introducing yourself and outlining your career skills and interests. If you reach out to the wrong recruiter, no problem. Ask the recruiter to connect you with the individual filling the role you are interested in. Recruiters are always looking to expand their network and connect with talent. Get out of your comfort zone!

Network & Be Active On Social Media

Everyone is stuck at home right now, so take full advantage of connecting with recruiters via LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Grow your social media presence by sharing relevant content in your industry, joining groups & engaging with the members of those groups. This is your time to shine and show your networks who you are and what value you can bring to a company.

Keep Calm & Take Care Of Your Mental Health

You will have to work twice as hard to get noticed by recruiters during this pandemic. It is not impossible if you increase your physical and mental well-being. Create your own morning routine before you touch any computer or phone. Start you day by meditating, exercising, or reading a book to nurture your mind. Ensure to get dressed and get some fresh air every day. There are plenty of online resources or apps for meditation, free exercise videos, and the best self-development books you should read.

Do Not Give Up

View this pandemic as an opportunity to become a better version of yourself and be creative. Keep applying, keep networking online, and keep taking care of yourself. Stay focused on your goal of finding your next opportunity. Remember, the amount of effort you put into your job search makes an impact on reaching your goal. If you have no idea how to create the best LinkedIn profile, resume, or how to prepare for interviews, seek for help. The only way to fail at anything in life is by giving up and not asking for help.

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