Face-To-Face Interview Preparation Tips

We asked our recruiters at PSG for tips on how to best prepare for a face-to-face interview. Here is our list of tips to to help you be ready for your interview!

Research The Industry And Company

Scour social media and the company’s website for insight into workplace culture, current projects, and future goals. Run a Google News search to check for any recent news on the company. Be prepared to answer questions like:

  • ”What do you know about our company?”
  • “What attracted you to our business?”
  • “What did you think about our big news last week?”

The more you know about a company, the better prepared you’ll be to demonstrate your sincere interest during the job interview.

The employer is ultimately looking for passionate, creative, and productive employees. You’ll communicate this to them with your company knowledge. Plus, if you feel confident about the company and wanting to work there, this natural enthusiasm will shine through during the interview.

Research The Interviewer

Understanding who will be interviewing you is a great way to prepare for a job interview. Search LinkedIn for the interviewer’s profile. See if they’re active on Twitter. Check if they have a bio on the company website. It helps to know what the person looks like, but having some background information on them can help as well. Maybe you have some of the same connections, went to the same school, or have other things in common. These commonalities can put both of you at ease during the interview, and may even give you a leg up on the competition.

Be Yourself

The job is only right if it is a good match for both you, the interviewee, and the employer. Always be professional, but being yourself is the best way to avoid wasting time and dismay during your job search.

Dress Appropriately

Show up dressed to impress. While a suit is no longer the only way to dress well for interviews, it is still a good go-to in most situations. To be totally sure, ask the company or your recruiter before the day of your interview what their dress code is. At the end of the day, though, it’s always better to overdress than underdress.

Remember To Use First Names

Be sure to know or listen for the first names of each person you are interviewing with. Research indicates people enjoy hearing their own names. By using the interviewers’ first names, you can leave a positive impression and could influence the hiring decision.

Bring A Copy Of Your Resume

Having a resume to reference makes it easy to share the highlights from your career, ensures your answers align well with what you shared on your resume, and demonstrates preparedness in case an interviewer doesn’t have a copy.

Allow The Pause

The most impressive candidates control their desire to fill every space with impulsive answers. When asked a question, take a moment to think through your response and then begin speaking. The pause is fine, and it even shows your ability to be calm and composed. Also, make sure you let the interviewer finish asking their question before you start answering.

Show Enthusiasm For The Company And The Job

Interview the team that’s interviewing you by asking questions which allow them to talk about what they’re most
proud of:

  • ”I saw that you have great employer reviews. Why do you think they’re so positive and how does this reflect the company culture?”
  • “What was the organization’s greatest accomplishment and biggest challenge in the last year?”
  • “What makes people stay at your company?”

Also, prepare a few relevant questions about the job before your interview.

Be Fully Prepared To Answer Any Interview Question They May Ask

There’s no way to know for sure what exact questions an interviewer might throw at you, but there are definitely a bunch of common interview questions you could use as guide. Being fully prepared not only helps you avoid getting stumped by a question in the interview, but it also helps show that you take this opportunity seriously and care enough to put effort into proper preparation. Preparation allows the interview to progress smoothly and enjoyably for everyone involved.

Arrive 8 Minutes Early

Candidates who arrive too early can put pressure on the company’s team members to abandon their other obligations (OR just let you sit there awkwardly by yourself), and candidates who arrive late might be perceived as unprepared or disrespectful. Arrive in the parking lot or neighborhood as early as you need to but walk in the front door just 5-8 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time.

Be Positive, Courteous, And Confident

You might do everything else “right” in the interview, but if you come across as very negative and/or lacking in good manners or confidence, it’ll make any interviewer second guess whether you’ve got the right personality traits they’re looking for in new hires that will make you pleasant to work with.

Always Follow Up With A Thank You Email Or Call

A follow-up note or email can keep you on the hiring team’s mind as they make a hiring decision. This act can reinforce how courteous and thoughtful you are, a great thing for you no matter where you are in the selection process. Plan your follow-up email or call for later the day of your interview or the following day.

We wish you the best during your job search! If you have any questions while searching for your next opportunity or preparing for an interview, please feel free to reach out to us.