Finding Answers To The Tough Questions Of Staffing Strategy

John Burke, our CEO, looks at a new option for workforce development.

When our businesses require an ever changing blend of skill sets, with peaks and troughs in the level of need, it’s easy to find ourselves in trouble quickly, as we struggle to balance operational needs with an adequate flow of talent.

Your staff and contractors have to co-exist as a seamless team that expands and contracts to meet need. Managing this continual adjustment is a complex task. You need to be able to hire people quickly and compliantly then, when the time comes, reduce headcount just as quickly. All this must be done with respect to the integrity of your values and your brand. People are important, and every body deserves the same amount of respect and consultation, regardless of whether you have an immediate need for their services or not.

Effective Human Resource planning is under constant threat from the operational needs of businesses of all kinds. How do we find the time to plan our own function’s workforce when we’re too busy delivering the things for which we’re operationally responsible?

There are solutions to be found everywhere, but each comes with its own set of drawbacks. Agency recruiting is hit and miss, corporate recruiters and in-house recruitment teams bring great expense in base cost and the added responsibilities that come with increasing staff headcount, but no guarantee of results. Outsourcing is appealing, but how do you silence that voice that tells you that yielding control of something so important can’t be wise? Your people are so integral to your organization’s identity that a strategy which gives the job to someone else will surely compromise that integrity?

Lots of questions, but not many answers.

Imagine a program that gave you all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks. You retain complete control, sustain your values and the brand they’ve created but you develop the flexibility you really need without clogging up operational time.

It’s taken us years to develop this program, and we’ve rolled it out successfully to some serious players. If you haven’t looked at it, maybe it’s time. Give us 60 minutes and an open mind, and we’ll show you the future.