Take the stress out of talent acquisition

Put our team of experienced recruiters and operations staff to work for your organization. Whether you need a CEO with extremely specific skills and experience or front-line administrators who can provide the best customer service possible, we are ready to work with you. Our international network of recruiters and candidates are prepared to find you the candidates you need, regardless of your organization’s industry, size or maturity we will find the candidates you need to meet your goals.




Work with our PSG recruiters to develop a strategic talent acquisition process that gets you the right candidates for your organization.


Maintain control over your hiring process while working with an experienced on-site program manager dedicated to your needs.

Executive Search

Realize the benefits to your entire organization with an executive search conducted by one of our senior recruiters who specialize in finding talent with the qualities you want in a candidate.



Expert Staff

With a long average tenure and a high level of experience in the industry, the PSG team adds immediate value to your recruiting programs.

Latest Technology

We work with the latest methodologies available to maximize efficiency and minimize overhead.

Strategy & Planning

Everything is easier with a sensible plan. You don’t need to predict the future but you do need to have a decision-making framework in place to prepare yourself for every eventuality.

We offer specialist services across a range of global industries and sectors


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